Guy Bragge
Executive producer
After completing a Drama and Film degree at Wits in the Mid 80’s, Guy has worked in many of the different film genres in the last, nearly 30 years. As a director and Producer, he has won many awards for his work over the years, including most recently, the “New International Network” Award at 2014 Durban International Film Festival. Guy continues to look for new challenges in the industry and is excited by new technology and the new generation of film makers, who are always pushing the boundaries. Guy has recently completed a Post grad degree in Development Studies and is currently working on his Masters Degree in International Relations at Wits University. “The better informed I am, the better informed my work will be”


Mike Prinsloo
Head of Post Production
Mike has always been fascinated by sound and has been playing music since a young age, he graduated with a degree in Audio Post Production and Music Production in 2010. He then went onto work within the SABC, contracting for 5FM and MKTV. During his time within the SABC he was exposed to many different aspects of the media industry, and took an interest in Post Production techniques and has been striving everyday to improve and expand on. Mike has worked with countless local and international artists and has also done work for Fifa, 5FM, MKTV, Endamol and other large corporations. His interests lie in music, film, technology and the outdoors.

Craig Groenewald
Camera and Editor